Community for people who love pink


Community for people who love pink

Taeko Tada, Representative, Peace Piece Project

Living in Hiroshima, Japan, female business owner.
With the wish that everyone she meets will be happy, have been wearing pink clothes 365 days a year for 10 years.
Love the most pink in the world Google search first place “Pink Scaho (* shacho means president)”.
She is keen on activities to create peace at home and abroad, in order to realize world peace by sharing the wish to create peace instead of anti-war.

・ Keeping Guinness record “world’s largest paper crane“
・ Published the original cartoon “The Hiroshima Miracle”
 Received a letter of thanks to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning 44th US 
 President Barack Obama saying, “I was moved your story.”
・ Speaker at the World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs 
 of the World (FCEM) in Russia.  FCEM: a French-born community 
 of more than 5 million female business owners in 120 countries
・ Established April 4 Pink Day, the day “give pink presents and 
 share happiness” (Registration: Japan Anniversary Association)
・ Established “Pink.Club”, the community for people who love pink

Brain hemorrhage due to traffic accident.
To express gratitude being alive, aim to become an entrepreneur who is useful for society.

By the atomic bomb, my great-grandmother lost everything and my mother who was still young at that time lost her parents.
My great-grandmother rebuilt her business while raising my mother. I grew up watching her way of living.
“I also want to become an entrepreneur who can help those who are important like a great-grandmother!”
I had a desire to start a business since I was three years old.
When I was ten years old, I became a dying heavy body due to brain hemorrhage due to a bicycle traffic accident, I wandered the boundary of life and death. The doctor declared that my survival probability is several% and even if I am lucky I would be bedridden or half-paralyzed.
However I was allowed to leave the hospital in 2 weeks under the supervision of a great doctor. 
It was miracle! I experienced fear of death in the emergency ward hospital room where the neighboring hospital room people groan and drown every day.
After facing death, my view on life and death changed and I became to appreciate being alive.
I decided to make a “vow” to express my thanks being alive. As a proof of that appreciation,
I decided to aim for an entrepreneur who is useful to society. I started reading the great mentions at the library and learning about “what kind of things would be useful for society” and “what kind of way of life is aimed”.

Experience in America at the time of junior high school students became the courage to start a business at the age of 18.

My mother was planning to let me go to the United States as a junior high school first grader, before I was born.
She let me experience various Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, aikido, Japanese music since I was a kindergarten, . At that time it was 250 dollars per dollar. I think that it costed quite a bit.
Still, my mother seemed to want me to experience American culture. My mother ‘s friend was an executive at Tokyo Bank.
The party at home was full of entrepreneurs of various nationalities.
I had the opportunity to meet such many nationalities entrepreneurs for the first time.
However, as everyone was shining so gently, the entrepreneur image in me improved even better.
Today, it is a water server that is also widely used in general households, but in American general households over 30 years ago there was one in one room. Every time I touched a product that I never saw in Japan, such as disposable, I felt a big business opportunity, “There are still many businesses that are not successful in Japan but I am successful in the US”.
The experience at this time gave me courage and confidence in my entrepreneurial work “new business has opportunities”.

Caused by monument visit volunteers in high school days.
The desire to transmit world peace from Hiroshima.

Since I was a high school student, I participated in a volunteer activity to guide the monument in Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park.
However, none of the materials conveyed only the misery of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
People who came to peace learning said, “When I come to Hiroshima, I recall the history of the painful atomic bomb, so I do not want to come to Hiroshima any more.” I have experienced sad times over and over.
“Hiroshima’s atomic bomb exhibition” is still being held in various countries all over the world.
There, Hiroshima, which became a burning field just after the atomic bombing, and only the miserable photo panels of burned people’s burns are displayed. I felt the gap with the image of the current Hiroshima and became a big sorrow in me.
I learned that Hiroshima still remains the image of “Hiroshima of the A-bomb site” as symbolized by “Black Rain” including radiation, among people all over the world. And I got a big shock. Hiroshima is not a city with only sad memories.
It is a “reconstruction city” full of hope that revived spectacularly from the rubble.
I was hoping that many people would know that Hiroshima is a city that wishes for peace.

Wish for the happiness of the people, wearing pink clothes 365 days.
I came to be called “Pink Shacho”, from the time achieved the Guinness Record.

When I was a junior high school student, my American friend said “Taeko is in the Pink”. It began to wear pink clothes as a trigger.
I asked my friends the meaning of “in the pink”, he told me that it means “full of happiness.”
Besides, it was a wonderful meaning such as “being healthy” “perfect condition”. Pink is also used for color therapy and so on.
It is medically proven that carcinogenic substances are reduced by a factor of 10 by just looking at pink, and brain substances such as beta endorphin and dopamine are secreted. It is a color with “the power to health”.
I am honored to have the same birthday as Mother Theresa.
When she received the Nobel Peace Prize, someone asked her, “What should I do for world peace?” She answered, “Go home love your family.”
I was very deeply impressed by her belief that we should “love the people we meet.”
I understood her words to mean that the more happy people there are, the closer we are to world peace.
As a practice of myself, in hopes of bringing some happiness to everyone I meet, I wear pink clothes 365 days a year.
In 2009, I prayed for world peace, challenged “world’s largest folded crane”, and the following year Guinness certification was done.
Since the press conference at that time, I wear pink clothes everyday on 365 days. I became known from everyone by the nickname “Pink Shacho.”
*Shacho is meaning President

Starting own business and nationwide deployment.
Started a business that is useful for society that was my dream.

When I was 18 years old (student days) I started own business with self funds based on the experience of “Miss JR Hiroshima”.
It was nurturing and dispatching business of “narrator model” with announcer and model ability. In that project, there were 800 staff, and it expanded nationwide. After graduation I served as NHK’s program host. I also experienced celebrity interviewers and programming producers and got a career.

Economic development is progressing in Southeast Asia and Africa, and the population on Earth is increasing by more than 200 million people each year.
It is said that in 2100, the world population will exceed 10 billion.
Economic development Equal environmental destruction is a serious problem that you must absolutely avoid.
I was shocked very much when I saw an aerial photograph of a certain country in Google Earth.
There was sewage flowing into the sea and the coast was dirty so that I wanted to cover my eyes.
I want to save the beautiful earth with our hands! We released the detergent “Super Eco Cleaner” from such feelings.
It biodegrades dirt and helps improve the environment.
From 2010, we established the renewable energy division to contribute to safer power supply.
It is the start of solar power generation business. With the Great East Japan Earthquake, I realized the importance of promoting clean energy.
In order to disseminate renewable energy, we started sales of Solar power plant.

Protect the earth with photovoltaic power generation business.
Create a happy future where children live with peace of mind.

Sunlight, wind power, sunlight, hydraulic power, etc. are called renewable energy.
It is energy that resources regenerate many times. It is an energy that is overwhelmingly safer than nuclear power and thermal power.
The real reason why I promote renewable energy is to protect the precious earth and create a happy future 20 years later.
Nuclear power has the danger of radiation, fire power has the danger of explosion.
In both cases the impact on the surrounding area is huge if accidents occur. The worst it will not be able to live there.
The Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016 caused a huge earthquake such as seismic intensity 7 and seismic intensity 6.
Aftershocks exceeding one thousand and one hundred times in one month continued.
The Kawauchi nuclear power plant in Kagoshima prefecture, which is said to have been built on the active fault, is considered to be the epicenter of the earthquake. Nevertheless, it is still in operation. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs like a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the whole of Kyushu will become the sea of radiation.
Just imagining it is horrible. Renewable energy such as wind power, sunlight, and hydraulic power is energy that can be continuously used without being exhausted like oil and coal.
Unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal, it is the most preferable energy source because it hardly produces greenhouse gases that cause global warming.
Japan is a resource small country that has to rely on 100% of its energy resources to import.
For Japan, renewable energy can be called the energy of dreams of the 21st century.
As a result of the Great East Japan Great Earthquake of 2011, we are working on spreading renewable energy as a national policy as a Japanese state.
Let’s protect the precious earth by converting from fossil fuel and nuclear power to renewable energy. And let ‘s make a happy future together.
We appreciate “nature” who brought up and brought us up, and we are actively working on environmental projects for a bright future where nature and people can coexist. I am very happy if I can share my ambition “Reviving Earth!” With everyone.

Another social contribution.
Deliver history and thought of Hiroshima reconstruction to children.

In 2015, the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing, I published a manga-style book, “The Hiroshima Miracle,” which I wrote based on the true story of my mother and great-grandmother.
My great-grandmother lost her family, her home, and all her property in the bombing.
Yet instead of bemoaning and resenting her fate, she chose to forgive, to look forward, and to live.
I told her story to convey a message about the importance of peace, and of people everywhere loving and respecting one another. Former President Obama of the United States received the Nobel Peace Prize.
While he was president, I received a letter from the White House saying that he had read “The Hiroshima Miracle” and was moved by it.
Currently we are lending out one thousand copies of “The Hiroshima Miracle” to schools and businesses, working together to expand the circle of peace.

Those who read the manga “The Hiroshima Miracle” will get a heart of forgive and honor.
I sincerely hope that everyone shares their desire to create peace, and world peace will be realized as soon as possible.
Please take to use it for peace learning.

Want to increase the happiness of the world by pink

Since I would like to hold the World Peace Conference in Hiroshima, I visited a number of countries, including the United States, France, Russia, Italy, Dubai, India, and the Sahara Desert.
In the countries I visited, a lot of people saw my pink clothes and talked to me with a full smile, “I love pink too!”
I was impressed that Pink can make people happy so much across countries, cultures, religions and regions.

2019 is the 10th year of wearing pink clothes 365 days from the time of the press conference of Guinness record.
With the desire to make the world happier in pink, I have established  Pink.Club, the community of people who loves pink.
Then, April 4th, “Pink Day” (a day for giving pink presents and sharing a happy day) was registered with the Japan Anniversary Association.
I want you to be happy. With such feelings, this day is “present for(4) you”.

Through Pink, I will increase happiness to the world and realize world peace.
I’m glad if you agree and participate.